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Core Nutrition Equine

Core Nutrition Calming Paste

Core Nutrition Calming Paste

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Not all animals respond to stress in the same ways. Some externalize their stress, and some internalize their stress. Core Nutrition Calming Gel addresses the biological response to common stressors, encouraging the entire brain/adrenal/gut axis to return the body to homeostasis. Convenient Easy to administer 60ml paste in tube.

FOR RABBITS: Core Nutrition Calming acts like common used products like sit tight. It can help take the edge off at shows for aggressive rabbits or rabbits that refuse to sit on the show table. 

FOR HORSES: Helps horses cope with common external stressors including vet visits, travel, sales, shows and more. Promotes alert, focused behavior and may improve ability to learn

Active Ingredients: Magnesium — 5000 mg, Calcium — 5000 mg, L-Theanine — 900 mg, Tryptophan — 700 mg, Calcium Panthonate (B6) — 53 mg, Pyridoxine B6 — 38 mg, Thiamine — 37 mg, Vitamin B12 — 0.044 mg, Probiotics — 5 billion CFU

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