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Core Nutrition Equine

Core Nutrition Silver Gel

Core Nutrition Silver Gel

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Core Nutrition Silver is a 100% all-natural supplement! It is specifically formulated to balance the pH of the gut, while stimulating appetite and drinking. 

FOR RABBITS: Silver has been shown effective against bloat in rabbits. It can be given as a preventative starting at 7 weeks old, or use to treat at the first signs of bloat. Silver is also great for animals that may stress during shows, travel, or relocation. Easily administered via an oral gel. 

FOR HORSES:  It is formulated to provide support for horses that are prone to stress or experience ulcers or ulcer symptoms. Our Silver Supplement is used for horses during times of stress, such as hauling, heavy training, foaling, and during times of extreme heat or cold, to neutralize acid while encouraging food and water consumption.

  • Can be used as a flavor enhancer for animals that reject water from new sources
  • Great supplement to feed when hauling and during weather changes when horses or rabbits typically don’t drink or eat as they should
  • Easy to administer gel in a 60ml tube

Active ingredients include: Colloidal Silver, Alkaline Water, Corn Oil, Guam Gum, Soybean Oil, Glycerin, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, and Apple Flavor.

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