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Gut-Pro by Oxy-Gen

Gut-Pro by Oxy-Gen

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**Notice 3/18/2024 - The manufacturer has discontinued the 15cc tube. Gut Pro is now sold in 30cc tube**

Gut Pro Rabbit Supplement

Probiotics • Prebiotics • Digestive Enzymes • Promotes Appetite • Restores Proper Gut pH and Digestive Health • Impressive Palatability

Released at the Reno Convention to acclaim, get the paste designed just for your rabbit when it is struggling - illness, weaning, stress. Rabbits have a unique digestive tract that does not respond well to ordinary probiotics. Gut-Pro™ is designed only for rabbits and designed by the company you trust with your rabbit's health, Oxy-Gen©, so when you have that 911 moment with your rabbit, make sure you have Gut-Pro™ in hand.

30 cc tube


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