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The Rusty Feed Bucket

Mojo Mama

Mojo Mama

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This was originally designed for stubborn does (rabbits) that don't want to lift. Encourages those floor huggers and potentially aides in litter viability. Wonderful to "get her in the mood". Can also be used to ease labor and delivery! 

Suggested usage: 

Give as needed on top of their regular pellets. For breeding, Give 5-7 days prior to the breeding date. For labor and delivery, Give 1-2 days prior to due date and into delivery day. 

Rabbits: 1-2 tsp

Cavies: 0.5 tsp


Proprietary Blend containing female specific herbs like Raspberry leaves and parsley. 


Not recommended for animals under 6 months of age. 

Made in the USA 

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