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The Rusty Feed Bucket

Momma Treats

Momma Treats

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The herbs and grains in this blend can be a treat that helps promote good fur condition and body condition without adding extra fat. It can also be used during times of illness to entice appetite and for nursing mothers to maintain healthy weight. 

Suggested usage: 

Give as needed on top of their regular pellets. Efffects can last for days or possibly weeks. Give only 3 days a week for conditioning. Give daily in a seperate food cup for nursing mothers. This should not be allowed free will for the litter. Not recommended for animals under 10 weeks of age.

Rabbits: 1-2 tsp

Cavies: 0.5 tsp


Proprietary Blend containing herbs, black oil sunflower seeds, and grains for adding to their coat condition and nursing moms.  

Do not overuse, as over use can lead to mastitis. 

Not recommended for animals under 6 months of age. 

Made in the USA 

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